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Easter Goodies from Jim Shore

March 22, 2009

Spring Hop! The 2009 Easter basket from Jim Shore is just so cute. Several bunnies hop along the outside, there are lovely little flowers on the handle, and – of course – the eggs exquisitely designed by Jim Shore inside the Easter basket. Here is a link to the basket if you’d like to see for yourself. Jim Shore – the artist behind the Heartwood Creek collection – designs an Easter basket each year, with this 2009 Easter basket the 4th in the series.

Also new for 2009 from Jim Shore is the gorgeous Easter Tree with little eggs and chicks and bunny ornaments for hanging. I just love this tree. Here’s a link to the Jim Shore Easter Tree if you’d like to see the incredible cuteness. This tree has a very simple name – “Spring Tree”. I think I would have tried to come up with a better name. Nothing is “Springing” to mind, but I’ll be sure to let you know if I think of something better. Regardless of the name, I still think this is a super cute tree.

2009 Jim Shore Easter Basket:

2009 Jim Shore Easter Tree: