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Advent Candles

October 30, 2008

Advent CandlesWhen I was a child, we always had an Advent wreath as part of our Christmas tradition, and that’s probably a big reason why I love the lighting of Advent candles once Advent begins. My mother would make a wreath out of greens, and we would put in taper Advent candles like these here: We also had a small book of Advent prayers that we would read when dinner was finished. Typically, whoever finished eating first would read the prayers while the rest of us continued eating. That routine seemed to work well enough.

Now, my family continues the tradition of lighting Advent candles each night of Advent.

If you’re in need of a set of Advent candles, or a quantity for a fundraiser, here is a good place to look: They are priced inexpensively.

Our Favorite Advent Calendar

October 21, 2008

Actually, it’s two. We couldn’t decide on just one. They’re both great.

We love this Wooden and Magnetic Advent Calender shown here: The little Nativity scene figures behind each door are magnetized and can be stuck on the metal creche scene backdrop. The doors also are magnetized so they stay closed.

And, this other Wooden Advent Calendar tied as our favorite: It’s a more grown-up version of the calendar above. It has that classic Christmas house look. I know a lot of people love the Advent Calendar from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and this one is certainly reminiscent of that. You do need to supply your own treats for behind each door, but picking up some chocolates can be an easy solution.

I am ALWYAS on the look out for new Advent Calendars, especially wooden ones.

Nativity Scenes made in the USA

October 15, 2008

Like most things, Nativity scenes are yet another product that can be tough finding “Made in America”. Below are a list of Nativity sets we have found that are made in the United States:

The Companions Collection Nativity from Hestia is made in America and can be seen by clicking here. The figures are made from bonded marble and then hand dressed in select fabrics. Hestia has also added a line of Santas that are also made in the United States. They too can bee seen at the link above.

Another Nativity scene made in America is from Vaillancourt Folk Art and can be seen by clicking here. Vaillancourt makes all their figures from calkware, cast in antique chocolate moulds and then handpainted with beautiful detail. Vaillancourt also makes a Startlight Santa each year (also made in the United States).  Each Starlight Santa is produced for one year, and then retired. These Santa are highly collectible and can be seen by clicking here.

Lastly, are several styles of Outdoor Nativity scenes. These are all made in America and have been for decades.  There is a life size scale outdoor nativity scene that can be seen by clicking here, a 36 inch scale full color outdoor nativity set that can be seen by clicking here, a 36 inch scale all white nativity set that can be seen by clicking here, and lastly an 18 inch scale kids style outdoor nativity scene that can be seen by clicing here. All of these outdoor Nativity sets are made in the United States.

If you know of any other Nativity sets made in the United States and would like to post a comment to this blog, it would be much appreciated!