Outdoor Nativity Scenes – ‘Tis the Season

Every year at Christmas time, my parents always set up an Outdoor Nativity Scene. It was just the holy family – the traditional Empire of Carolina set that you’ve seen on American lawns for decades. Fortunately, those same molds still exist and the same figures are still being made. This is the set that my parents always used. In fact, it was this same Holy Family but they used to make it wil the (now) life size Baby Jesus like this one here. Not sure if my parents’ set came with a crib because they always just used a produce bin to lay baby Jesus in. lol.

My personal favorite is this all white stone Outdoor Nativity scene shown here. I like the garden statuary look of it. It’s the kind of thing you could leave up year round if you had room enough. They’ve just started making this same set in full color and, as pretty as that is, I’m still partial to the all white. They also started making the same set in a larger size and with three kings as well. 

I don’t leave my Christmas decorations up all year long. But there are just so many beautiful way to commemorate the season, there just never seems to be enough time to set up all the decorrations. The Christmas season always goes so fast!


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