Visions of Advent Calendars Dance in Our Head

Fontanini Advent Calendat

Fontanini Advent Calendar

I know it’s only August 12th, but I’m already thinking of Advent Calendars. ‘Tis one of the perks of being a Christmas-year-round kind of person. I always had an Advent Calendar as a child and loved the tradtion. Openeing one door each day was one of my favorite parts of the Christmas tradition in our household. That, and playing with Vertibird. (Our family didn’t set up a train, we set up Vertibird each Christmas. )

I know as a child I would have loved this wooden Nativity scene Advent calendar: Wooden & Magnetic Calendar. I also would have loved this Advent calendar that looks like a Victorian home all ready for Christmas: Victorian House Advent Calendar. Although I would have hoped for a piece of these wrapped chocolates tucked behind each door.

As an adult, I really like this Advent Calendar by Fontanini: Fontanini Advent calendar. I like the simple and elegant design and the pieces, though printed on heavy paper board, are really quite lovely. I also hear there is a Jim Shore Advent calendar this year so I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for that one!


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